About Us

VirtualOne is committed to solving any of the business challenges present in the produce industry by taking advantage of technology and automation in a cost effective and efficient fashion. These challenges can surround growers, packing houses, labor contractors, shippers, and produce handlers. Our diversified product line goes beyond the day to day farming tasks. Our software suite also addresses production and harvest management, as well as, food safety and traceability compliance according to the standards recently proposed by the industry at large through the Produce Traceability Initiative or PTI.

Furthermore, our harvest management system captures critical data needed to gauge inefficiencies typical in labor tracking and production output, allowing for a prompt and immediate correction. Food safety audits and potential recall outcomes are mitigated quickly as less time is needed to gather the necessary information for a complete analysis. Accountability is placed at the forefront of any process, hence delivering a proactive approach to these and any other challenges common to the produce industry.

VirtualOne offers unique tools for unique production environments. We understand the industry’s vertical operating model. Whether it’s in farming, packing, or the shipping and handling of produce, we tailor a one of a kind solution. Recognizing those differences is essential in delivering a target product that runs in harmony with the entire enterprise.

Therefore, regardless of the harvesting practice or trading commodity – from apples to tomatoes to blueberries to watermelon – VirtualOne diversified software line streamlines production operations at any level of the supply chain to achieve a robust and efficient internal control management system.