Packing Line Item Tracking

Our packing line system allows for the capturing of information on individual containers being pack and graded inline. With affordable estate of the art scanner technology adapted to the packing line, growers and packers can capture information on individual packages at very high speeds with high accuracy. This information is in turn correlated to the bin or pallet container received from the field to provide for a fully traceable consumer unit. Information such as date, grower name, location code, farm block, receiving and packing date and time is linked to each individual unit scanned inline. Therefore, food safety audits and quality control checks can be implemented all the way down to the item level.

Packing Line

Furthermore, because the system accounts for each individual container passing through the packing line as it records each participating bin or pallet, a detailed accounting and audit log can be generated to obtain production information such as total units packed and yields based on bins or pallet inputs. This process takes place in the background without the packing line operator having to worry about the management and operation of the scanner equipment.