Warehouse / Inventory Tracking

Our warehouse and inventory tracking system allows for the management of product receipts from the field. Our system allows for the implementation of various lot management systems to give the receiver the most flexibility according to the commodity being handled. Whether a manual lot is needed for handling unique products or an automatic lot allocation method is used for managing typical receipts, VirtualOne implementation of FIFO (First In – First Out) handles both in a very seamless fashion.

Each prodwarehouse-inventory-trackinguct being received in the cooler is properly cataloged with the corresponding grower and field information, as well as, a date and time stamp when the product arrived at the cooler. This information is documented in a unique barcode tag affixed to each bin or pallet as its being received. The information on the pallet tag is specifically tailored to each cooler so growers and shippers can include customized attributes that may be unique to their specific method for handling receipts.

Furthermore, because of the need for maintaining a good traceability audit trail in the cooler is paramount, the trace-forward methodology implemented in VirtualOne allows for the management of product repacks where the preservation of the lot and field origin are carried out through the repacking process. Therefore, maintaining a clear and well documented receiving log is an essential component in the process due to the typical nature of received product that rarely goes out to the buyer or retailer in the same way it was received.