Payroll/Data Harvest Management

FreshQC provides traceability of produce from each individual package to the picker in the field. That kind of accuracy is important in tracking down health and safety issues. With FreshQC, problems can be isolated and resolved quickly. But FreshQC is more than a traceback solution. It is a complete quality improvement system. It integrates data collection, traceback and payroll capabilities to deliver superior results. Data such as grower, field, picker, time of harvest, variety, planting date, nursery source and more, is stored electronically and can be accessed by the grower as needed. FreshQC enhances accountability, quality, productivity, efficiency and payroll accuracy.

With FreshQC, Everyone Benefits!

Fast, Accurate Traceability

A unique identifier on each pack contains details about its harvest so the source of safety issues or quality issues can be pinpointed fast. Recalls can be limited to specific areas, allowing the industry to resume business as usual more quickly.

Consumer Confidence

With the FreshQC seal and unique pick number on every pack, consumers are assured that their produce is traceable.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Feedback regarding specific packs of produce can be linked to harvest and yield data to provide valuable insights. Growers can use this information to develop incentive programs and make production decisions.

Accountability and Improved Quality

Growers have access to data that is linked to individual picker identification numbers. Produce quality will improve as pickers become more accountable for quantity and quality, and trend reports are used as a foundation for decision-making.

Accurate Payroll

The integrated payroll module ensures that each pack is accounted for only once.

Simplified Operations

The integration of data collection, payroll and traceability into one system simplifies operations. As quality and efficiency improve, so will profits.